RobaRoba Design Templates

T-Shirt Design Guidelines

You may find our t-shirt design templates along with detailed instructions here.

Kindly note that these templates are provided in PSD format. Should you not have access to Adobe Photoshop, fret not; you may generate designs for our t-shirts utilizing a blank canvas set to 300dpi (or vector), with specified dimensions of 14" width x 16" height.

Additionally, we offer a "Site Mock Builder" template (in the link above) to facilitate the creation of your own marketing mock-ups.

Hoodie Design Guidelines

For all custom-ordered hoodies (both zip and pull-over), the design format remains consistent with the aforementioned t-shirt guidelines. However, while designing for zip-up hoodies, we advise against extending designs across the zipper, as this may compromise the quality of the final product.

Sticker Design Guidelines

Our custom-ordered stickers are meticulously crafted through a "kiss-cut" process, wherein each sticker is precisely cut with a razor, yet remains adhered to the backing sheet for easy peeling by the customer.

The dimensions for sticker designs are a maximum of 4" width x 6" height at 300dpi. Please be advised that all stickers will be printed with a quarter-inch white border surrounding the graphic.