Every game deserves great merch.

Introducing RobaRoba.

The industry's only dedicated marketplace for game devs, studios, and publishers to easily create and offer merch made especially for you - the fans!


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Merch For All

Even that obscure game you're sure no one has ever heard of.

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Help Your Faves

Every purchase directly supports your favorite publishers, studios, and games.

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Quality Merch

Each product is created in-house by RobaRoba to the highest standards.

Merch Is The Missing Piece

Did you know that there are very few platforms that help developers obtain funds prior to a release?

Crowd-sourced fundraising and monthly subscriptions services only allow you to donate to a studio, but waiting for release could take years!

RobaRoba is the only industry-exclusive platform for devs to sell products related to their games regardless of release schedule or when you discover it! 

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Hey Devs and Publishers!

Your fans want merch. Let's make it happen.

We know that creating great merch for your game(s) can be a hassle, but it doesn’t need to be!

RobaRoba takes care of everything regardless of your budget, team size, or community reach.  Go from making games to making a games business.

Official Merch Only

Knock-offs have no place here. Your fans can rest assured they're supporting you directly & buying merch you've listed.


Work with other retailers without having to think twice. Your intellectual property stays in your control.

Zero Cost

Your merch is made (by us) at the time of sale, eliminating the need for costly inventory and long production timelines.

RobaRoba is a physical goods company with over ten years of apparel, merch, and conference experience.
Our vision has always been to provide unique ways to add additional revenues to developers beyond the digital sale of their games.

“As a small publisher RobaRoba provides us with a unique solution to the eternal problem of merch. They’ve always been open and honest in our previous dealings, and I cannot wait to be a part of RobaRoba.”


Co-Founder Neon Doctrine

“As someone with zero experience making and selling merch and very little time to spend on the logistics, RobaRoba feels like an opportunity to do so in a way that's realistic for my game without sacrificing quality. I've had players ask about official merch since launch, and I'm super excited to be able to offer them something that feels worth buying.”


Animal Uprising

“We at Draw Distance have been looking for a partner who would be able to both ensure the highest quality of merchandise and allow the indie developers creative freedom we build our success on. RobaRoba guarantees both and puts people first.”  


Head of Business Development
Draw Distance

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