Girl Genius™ – Adventures In Castle Heterodyne Is Finally Here!

Rain Games is ready to release Girl Genius™ - Adventures in Castle Heterodyne on Steam, and to announce the highly anticipated release for Nintendo Switch!

Bergen, Norway, August 2023 - Rain Games is ready to release Girl Genius™ - Adventures in Castle Heterodyne on Steam, and to announce the highly anticipated release for Nintendo Switch coming this Winter 2023!


The game is releasing on Steam, September 5th, 2023 for PC, Mac OS, and Linux.

To celebrate the occasion, the developer will be presenting the game, running on Nintendo Switch, at PAX West, Seattle, September 1-4, at PM Studios' booth #2525.

The physical release for the Nintendo Switch version will be co-published in conjunction with RobaRoba, our launch partner for physical editions, and PM Studios.


The Game Director, Kenneth Engelsen will be present at PAX, and is available for interviews and presentations. Please contact us to schedule appointments.


Press Contact:

Hallvard Kristiansen


Girl Genius - Adventures in Castle Heterodyne Trailer




About the Game:

Girl Genius™: Adventures in Castle Heterodyne is an action-adventure set in a Steampunk interpretation of old Europe. It blends comic-book visuals with a stylized 3D environment. The steampunk inspirations Rain has shown its aptitude for throughout previous games are once again on full and dazzling display.

The game takes inspiration from early 3D Zelda titles, as well as classic PlayStation 2-era titles like Ratchet & Clank. It will scratch that itch for Retro-Action and also provides a variety of environmental puzzles and challenges.


Game Features:

  • •  Use fun MAD SCIENCE! tools like the Grapple Gun and the Wrencherang to explore the Castle!
  • •  Obliterate enemies in punchy melee combat, and use gadgets like the Power Lantern or your Death Ray to give you that extra edge.
  • •  Use your Dingbot minion to explore areas Agatha can't reach, by moving in tight spaces, digging underground, and flying.
  • •  Solve tricky spatial puzzles using the unique “Build System”, rebuilding objects in the game world to objects used for traversal, like the Springclank, Grappleclank and Rollerclank.
  • •  Meet and interact with several beloved characters from the Girl Genius™ universe, like Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, Tarvek Sturmvoraus and many others.
  • •  Many, many secrets, places to explore and collectables to find!

The game started as a Kickstarter project in 2020, and after all these years, the game is finally ready to be handed over to all those people that have been supporting it from the start. Rain Games worked closely with the authors to make sure their universe could come alive in the form of a videogame, offering an exciting experience for those familiar with the IP and to newcomers alike.


About Girl Genius

The Girl Genius franchise is the brainchild of power-couple Phil and Kaja Foglio. It is the story of Agatha Heterodyne, set in a Gaslamp Fantasy world of adventure, romance, and MAD SCIENCE!
The comic series has won multiple Hugo Awards, and the IP has extended to boardgames, card games, and a roleplaying-game. Girl Genius™: Adventures in Castle Heterodyne is the franchise's great stride into the world of videogames and is settled on the story arc that hauled in three, consecutive, Hugo Awards!


About Rain Games

Rain Games is an independent, employee-owned game development studio based in Norway. Founded in 2010, the creators at Rain Games share a passion for crafting memorable worlds which engage curious players through a sense of exploration and discovery. The studio previously released the critically acclaimed puzzle platformer Teslagrad, as well as the 3D action-adventure World to the West, and revolution-themed social survival game Mesmer. Rain Games recently released its anticipated sequel to Teslagrad, Teslagrad 2.


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