Borderlands Sweater and Mystery Adventure Box Combo

Borderlands Sweater and Mystery Adventure Box Combo

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Product Description

Sweater and Skag Holiday Bundle! 

This bundle contains:

(1) Skaggy Hearthside Holiday Sweater

(1) Mystery Skag Adventure Plushie

Step into a world of festive mystery with our exclusive Skag and Claptrap Christmas Sweater and Mystery Skag Adventure Box Combo! This unique set pairs a charmingly designed sweater, featuring a cozy Skag and the whimsical Claptrap by a fireplace, with the surprise of the Mystery Skag Adventure Box. In this box, you'll find one of eight unique 11" Skag plush designs, each capturing the essence of the Borderlands universe. Perfect for fans looking to infuse their holiday season with a blend of comfort, nostalgia, and the thrill of interplanetary adventure. Celebrate in style and embrace the mystery and excitement of Pandora this festive season!

Skag and Sweater ship separately. 


About the Sweater

Orders are custom-manufactured on an individual basis. The production time for orders is usually 2-3 weeks, not including shipping. Made-to-order manufacturing commences upon payment confirmation. Please note that once an order is submitted, adjustments or cancellations cannot be accommodated.

This item ships separately from other items in your order. 

Materials: 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester

Customers outside the U.S. may be subjected to VAT & Import charges. All international orders are sent DDU. Please read more about taxes and international shipping on the support FAQ.

Sizing Chart:
RobaRoba Knitted Sweater Sizing Chart


About the Mystery Adventure Skag Box

Now available with international shipping!

Embark on an interstellar journey with the "Mystery Skag Adventure Box," now available globally through RobaRoba services. This exclusive offering brings the thrill of the Borderlands universe right to your doorstep, featuring the 11" Plush Skag, previously available only in the US and Canada.

Each box is a portal to Pandora, the heart of Borderlands' looter-shooter saga, where over-the-top firefights and absurdly varied arsenals reign supreme​. As you brave the merciless Borderlands in search of secret alien treasure, this mystery box adds to the excitement, embodying the game's spirit of adventure and unexpected discoveries​.

Inside, you'll find one of eight distinct Skag designs, each meticulously crafted to capture the essence of these iconic creatures. From the fiery depths of volcanic pits to the frosty landscapes of icy tundras, every Skag plush represents a different facet of Pandora's diverse ecosystem. Will you uncover a rare Skagicorn Skag, or perhaps an Eirdian Skag?

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