We're working on your order!

- December 28th, 2021 -

We hope you have been enjoying preparing for an upcoming New Year. Our team took a few days off for holiday, but we are back in action.

This is a public notice that RobaRoba is under heavy order and support load due to the holiday rush + new product launches across supported partners. It will take our team extended processing time to ship and assist orders. Store support is answering emails ASAP.

International Orders FAQ:
Q. APC Tracking link says the ID is not in the system / not valid?
A. Clear cookies and turn off ad blockers before opening link.

Q. APC reads “transit to export warehouse” with no updates?
A. APC orders get tracking when packed but send in bulk. The bulk shipment arrived at APC 12/27 for further export.

Thanks for your patience! Wishing you all a Happy New Year.


- December 13th, 2021 -

Hello everyone! Our team has been working hard through the holiday rush to stay on top of orders. We wanted to give a little bit of a longer update to share with everyone what has been going on over the past few months since launch. As many likely know, RobaRoba launched October 4th, 2021 with an expectation of a few hundred shirts in our first week. Instead, we were met with a surprising wave of support, tenfold of our expectations.

What exactly does that mean?
Our production capability was set to an anticipated threshold. With this estimate being passed, our team had to work triple time to not only create quality products for customers but source additional materials and staff to keep things moving. Having to acquire more raw materials than predicted in a short span of time proved difficult in the wake of economic impacts caused by COVID-19. Several specialty shirt colors, shirt sizes, and packing materials are in short supply due to the current nature of shipping and production delays throughout the world. This causes some orders to delay longer than we would like. Outside of materials is our labor time. The amount of orders pushed our need to add additional skilled members to our team to assist with everything from manufacturing, packing, quality control, support, and even onboarding new developers that you love to partner with us.

What was the holdup on Tinfist?
Some shirt designs were very popular at launch. Our normal process at RobaRoba is a method called Direct To Garment (DTG) printing. Though the quality of DTG shirts are great, the time it takes to make mass orders is longer than it would be using a method called Screen Printing. Due to the demand for certain shirts, these designs were moved to a Screen Printing partner. The Tinfist design was produced initially as a Screen Print run and our team did not approve of the quality received for our customers. We tried to work with the partner in fixing the manufacture issues to create a quality, vibrant print but ultimately RobaRoba decided to DTG the Tinfist designs. This would take some extra production time on our part but getting the quality right for customers matters a lot to us. Bellow you can see the Screen Print vs DTG of the Tinfist design.

Screen Print

Direct To Garment

My order did not include a Tinfist, why is it still processing?
Several of the factors mentioned prior compound and affect all of our production line. Customers are welcome to email us about their order specifically for case by case information. There are a little over 200 orders left and we should have a good chunk of these packed and on the way in the next few business days. We will be making a public update soon about specific shirt colors / sizes that are in short supply and reaching out to all those that are affected.

For everyone that has been waiting patiently for their order, we thank you. The launch caused some growing pain as we hit the ground running, but we are getting ever closer to catching our breath and keeping a steady pace moving forward. RobaRoba has a lot of great launches and talks with partners happening behind the scenes that we can not wait to share with you.


- November 17th, 2021 -

Since shipments began November 3rd, our team processed 50% of orders. New orders are coming in daily as we continue to send our remaining backlog ASAP. This is short of the estimate provided earlier but we are happy to share our team has expanded to help meet the growing demand.

Regarding orders containing the Tinfist design. These orders are on hold as the screen print process was not up to our standards. We are working on a new manufacture run to ensure a vibrant print quality.

For those that have received their shirts, we would greatly appreciate your feedback regarding the shirt, print, and packaging quality of your order experience. Please either contact us through support, direct message, or share your tee publicly by tagging @RobaMerch.

As always, thank you!  


- October 15th, 2021 -

We are sending you a quick note to let you know that your order is going to ship out later than our projected "week of the 11th" estimate.

We know this is disappointing news, we'd like to point out why that is.

While working on RobaRoba for the past year, we had an internal goal of about 100 - 150 shirts sold within the first week. We thought "surely, this would be a fantastic metric of success for our launch."

Then came the massive flow of fans like yourself.

Within 7 days, RobaRoba surpassed 900 shirts to make for all of you. To say that our expectations were blown away would be an understatement. You are all REALLY passionate about supporting your favorite games and developers!

With all of these orders, comes challenges. We simply were not prepared for the amount of purchases received. There are some great surprises in store for you, and we think you are really going to love receiving merch from RobaRoba - but we're going to need a little more time.

Here's what to expect:

  • When orders begin to ship, you will receive a tracking notification email.
  • Beep!, Iconic, and Tinfist designs (by Lo-Fi Games) have been upgraded to screen printing to accommodate the large amount of orders.

Thank you all for the patience you have shown us.

We promise we are working tirelessly to create your tees and get them in your hands as fast as possible.

-The RobaRoba Team

Ps. If you need to reach us for any reason about your order, please use the customer support form or contact us at WeLoveYou@RobaRoba.gg