Risk of Rain 2 Merch FAQ

The Plush and T-shirts are SO cool but why only 3 pieces of merch?

When you buy a piece of our merch we want it to be a bit special and exclusive. We want to launch new designs of your favorite Hopoo Games characters on a semi-regular basis - and when we have new designs to launch we will retire the old ones, never to return!

Does that mean we’ll never have another Huntress shirt or Acrid plush in the future? Maybe! But if we do, they will be different designs or different colors (Albino Acrid variant anyone??)

Nice! Does this mean a new Plush design every month??

Sadly not. While our T Shirt designs can be changed as often as we like - We have to order the Plushes in bulk - that means we won’t launch a new one until the existing ones are sold out.

We’ll keep you updated on stock levels as best we can! This Acrid Plush has a launch run of 500 pieces - grab it while you can!

How are you going to pick which characters to make merch of?

We’ll do a combination of Hopoo Choice and Community Picks. We want to make sure that all the merch isn't just our most popular characters (DEADBOLT T-shirt when??) but we also want to make sure our community has a say in the options we have available. To have your say follow our social media to have your say - Links below!

We also hope to launch merch alongside future game/content announcements - something to look forward to!

Will it only be T-shirts and Plushies?

Hopefully not - While T-shirts and Plushies will undoubtedly be the bread and butter of our merch we want to have different options in the future - pins, hats, Rex-themed plant-pots, the options are limitless!

We really want to hear what other options you’d like to see, or what you think of our merch plans in general. We have lots of contact options!

Email: jonathan@hopoogames.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/riskofrain2
 Twitter: https://twitter.com/hopoogames